Regina Catholic Education Center

Truth. Honor. Loyalty.
Veritas. Honor. Fides.

Today's Events
Mass: K-12 2015-11-24 09:45am HS - Gym Comments: Thanksgiving Mass
Basketball Practice - 8th Girls 2015-11-24 4:00pm 5:30pm Elementary - Gym
Wrestling: Junior High Meet 2015-11-24 4:15pm vs. West Liberty, Wilton @ Regina High School
Basketball Practice 9-12 Boys 2015-11-24 5:00pm 8:30pm Off Site
Wrestling Practice - HS 2015-11-24 5:00pm 7:00pm HS - Wrestling Room
Wrestling Practice - HS 2015-11-24 5:30pm 6:30pm HS - Gym Comments: Pictures
Regina BOE - Meeting 2015-11-24 6:30pm 8:30pm Multi-Purpose Room
Academics & Faith

"Here is where Catholic and other schools based on a religious foundation have an advantage. The community and its central institution, the church, provide the social capital which can give the school staff and the family the support necessary to discourage youth in their care from merely taking the easiest path…” - James S. Coleman's article, "Social Capital and the Development of Youth"

Regina Elementary is committed to providing our students a rigorous and relevant curriculum founded on the principles of the Catholic faith. Regina follows the educational standards set forth by the Diocese of Davenport and the State of Iowa.

Our curriculum is designed to educate the whole child. Each grade level's curriculum is aligned to build a student’s skills vertically and horizontally as they move through the elementary. With increasing access to classroom technologies (i.e. SMART Boards) and a commitment to research-based teaching practices (i.e. differentiated instruction, phonics) our teachers provide Regina students with a curriculum that broadens and deepens each student’s skill set. Regina’s emphasis on Catholic values and teachings, coupled with our Character Counts program, is a fundamental feature of our daily school life.

Through the support of our four local parishes, our energetic and committed parents, our proud alumni, and the fundraising efforts of our Regina Foundation, Regina teachers are able to provide an exceptional education for all of our elementary students.

Please take a moment and use the links on the left to explore the various elements of our Catholic education at Regina Elementary.